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YSI400 Adult Temperature probe 409B

  • YSI400 Adult Temperature probe 409B
  • YSI400 Adult Temperature probe 409B
Model No.︰409B
Brand Name︰UPNMED
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Description: Adult Temperature probe, 2.25 K ohm resistor, YSI 400 Series.Reusable temperature probles with Single thermistors . 

OEM code: 409B YSI 400 Series Adult skin-urface Temperature probe

                    401 YSI 400 Series Adult rectal/esophageal Temperature probe

Use with:YSI connector including CASMed: 750; Criticare: 506, 507, 507E, 507ELC, 507S, 508, 1100, 2200, 8100 series; Datascope: Passport 2, Spectrum, Spectrum OR, Passport XG, Trio; Datex-Ohmeda®: S/3, CS/3, S/5, Cardiocap 1, Cardiocap 2, Cardiocap 5, Light Monitor, Satliteplus;Draeger: Delta, Vista, Gamma, Kappa; Invivo: MDE Prism; Mindray: PM 7000, PM 8000, PM 9000 Express, PM 9000, VS-800; Nihon Kohden: BSM-2300 Life Scope I, BSM-4100 Life Scope P, BSM-5100 Life Scope A, BSM-9510 Life Scope M, BSM-9800 Life Scope S.; Spacelabs: 93300 eLance Series;Welch Allyn: Atlas, Propaq CS.

Temperature Range: 25 to 45°C

Accuracy: ±0.1°C from 25 to 45°C
Today’s quality patient care requires body temperature monitor to be an integral part of any physiological measurements in the OR, ICU,
CCU, or Upnmed offers a full line of reusable, sterilizable, temperature probes to measure body temperature on your critical patients.
 Available in Rectal/Esophageal and Skin Surface Styles

OEM Code:

  • 409B
  • 401
  • 709B
  • 701
  • 85409 (Adult Skin)
  • Criticare:
    • 422 (Skin)
    • 420 (Rectal)
  • CASMed:
    • 01-02-0326 (Skin)
    • 01-02-0327 (Rectal)
    • 01-02-0379 (General)
  • Draeger:
    • 5201335 (3m Adult Skin)
    • M35373 (Skin)
    • 5201319 (5m Adult Rectal)
    • 5201327 (3m, Adult Rectal)
    • 5201343 (3m, Pediatric Rectal)
  • Mindray:
    • 0011-30-90441 (Pediatric Rectal)
  • Nihon Kohden:
    • YSI-409A (Adult Skin)
    • YSI-401 (Adult Rectal)
  • GE Datex Ohmeda:
    • 16560 (Adult Skin)
    • M1024254 (Adult Skin)
    • M1024247 (Adult Rectal)
  • GE Marquette:
    • 9445-008 (Adult Skin)
    • 9445-004 (Adult Rectal)
    • 9445-005 (Pediatric Rectal)
  • Datascope:
    • 0206-02-0003 (Adult Skin)
    • 0206-02-0001 (Adult Rectal)
    • 0206-02-0002 (Pediatric Rectal)
  • Spacelabs:
    • 690-0028-00 (Adult Skin)


If you interested in this item or for more informations, welcome to write us:   

Email: jenny@upnmed.com                  jenny@upnmed.cn

WhatsApp: 0086 13670105485            Skype:szupnmed

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Payment: T/T, Western Union, Paypal
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