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Envitec OOM204 Oxygen sensor O2 Cell

Envitec OOM204 Medical oxygen sensor
Model No.︰OOM204
Brand Name︰Oxygen Sensor
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰1 pc
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Product Description

Original Envitec OOM204 Medical oxygen sensor ,OOM202 O2 cell

Use the advantages: • Compliant with European MDD (CE certification) • Meets ISO 80601-2-55 • Designed and manufactured according to EN ISO 13485 • Accurate and reliable fast response • Resistant to N2 O • Excellent signal stability • High product quality • Short delivery times • Technical support • Made in Germany • FDA cleared

Technical Specifications

OOM204 Measurement range 0 % ... 100 % oxygen (at atmospheric pressure)

Nominal sensor lifetime ≥ 500 000 % volume oxygen hours

Output in ambient air 9 mV ... 13.5 mV (each of two channels)

Output difference 1.25 mV (between the two channels)

Electrical interface 3 pin (Molex® 22-11-1031)

Accuracy meets ISO 80601-2-55 requirements Repeatability < 1 % volume O2 at constant temperature and pressure

Linearity error < 3 % relative

Response time < 12 s to 90 % of final value

Zero offset voltage < 200 µV in 100 % nitrogen, applied for 5 min

Cross interference meets ISO 80601-2-55 requirements

Influence of humidity -0.03 % rel. per % RH at 25 °C

Pressure range 0.6 bar ... 2 bar (ppO2 0 ... 1250 mbar O2 )

Influence of pressure proportional to change in oxygen partial pressure

Influence of mechanical shock < 1 % relative after a fall from 1 m

Operating temperature 0 °C ... +50 °C

Temperature compensation built-in NTC compensation

Effect of temperature compensation (steady state) between +25 °C and +40 °C: 3 % relative error between 0 °C and +50 °C: 8 % relative error

Operating humidity 0 % ... 99 % RH non-condensing

Long term output drift < 1 % volume oxygen per month typically < -15 % relative over lifetime

Storage temperature -20 °C ... +50 °C

Recommended storage +5 °C … +15 °C

Recommended load ≥ 10 kOhms

Warm-up time < 30 minutes, after replacement of sensor

Weight approximately 28 grams

Part number 01-00-0097


Manufacturer date will be newest.


If you interested in this item or for more informations, welcome to write us:   

Email: zenia@upnmed.com                 zenia@upnmed.cn 

WhatsApp: 0086 13825225296            Skype:nanaupnmed


Product Image

Envitec OOM204 Medical oxygen sensor
Envitec OOM204 Medical oxygen sensor

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